Beautiful and bespoke alcove units

Alcove Units with media functionality

Our alcove units can be designed to suit any requirements you wish and we can build additional functionality into the tops for classic bookcasing, cupboard space or TV and sound equipment.

Period alcove units

period alcove units from Top Drawer Fitted FurnitureIf you are looking for period style alcove units for your Victorian or Edwardian house look no further. We have extensive experience in furnishing old properties, keeping that character and charm. Our history of period styles is very accurate and we can recommend the exact design that would compliment the age of your property.

Modern and bright alcove units

modern alcovesWe can create breathtaking modern designs that are purposely custom designed and fitted and can come complete with very eye-catching lighting. We can also fit bespoke mirrors if you wish.

All of our alcove units are designed to free up space in your home. All of the work is handmade, guaranteed and fitted professionally by a team of skilled and polite staff. Our alcove units are long-lasting, beautifully fitted and which represent fantastic value for money.
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