Fitted sliding wardrobes


fitted sliding wardrobes Newcastle Bespoke fitted sliding wardrobes offer a fantastic aesthetic and functional alternative to conventional fitted wardrobes. Whilst preserving the space you have available both inside and outside of the wardrobe, the wide range of styles and designs allows you to match a modern or classic design to any room.

Professionally fitted and built to last, you can't fail to be impressed by one of our sliding door wardrobes.

Wooden doors

wooden sliding wardrobes from Top Drawer 
                    Fitted FurnitureFor an alternative to the popular mirror doored sliding wardrobes we offer full wooden units with lots of variations and styles for door possibilities.

Whether you would like a modern or traditional design, we can tailor the final product to exactly your personal tastes.

Funky designs

modern alcove unitsWe are always keeping on top of current fashions and modern living. We can supply a range of Funky, contemporary sliding doors to liven up your bedroom.

All of our sliding wardrobes are handmade (both the carcass and the railing systems), guaranteed and fitted professionally by a team of skilled and polite staff.
Give us a call on 0191 209 5946 to discuss our range of sliding wardrobes.